David John Dietrich's figures are beautifully painted capturing the essence of the human spirit.
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David John Dietrich, born in the town of Elmhurst, Illinois, is a painter with a classical flair, who has honed his skills in the vibrant Los Angeles art scene where he studied at the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art and under the tutelage of the renowned artist, Adrian Gottlieb. With a strong penchant for oil painting, David now operates from his private studio nestled in the picturesque southeastern region of Wisconsin.

David's artistic journey doesn't end with painting. He also hosts a captivating weekly radio show, "Notes from the Studio," airing on 101.3FM WHIW, Harvard, Illinois. Tune in every Thursday from 7 to 8pm to immerse yourself in his fascinating world of art-related discussions and news.

When he's not painting or sharing his artistic insights, David loves to delve into the pages of a good book, cycle through beautiful landscapes, and explore new places to savor a delightful cup of coffee.

In David's own words, "My artistic philosophy revolves around the pursuit of knowledge, growth, and higher consciousness, but above all, I cherish love, respect, and an unwavering passion for life."

Contact: info@davidjdietrich.com

Yi-Mei Fan, Adrian Gottlieb and David John Dietrich at Gottlieb's studio in Los Angeles, California.
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