David John Dietrich paints out of his studio located in downtown Sharon, Wisconsin. Stop in to see the artwork in the gallery and visit David's studio.

Biography of artist David John Dietrich

David John Dietrich, born in Elmhurst, Illinois, is an artist and gallery owner currently residing in southern Wisconsin. Following an art education in the Midwest, Dietrich studied classical painting in California until he returned to his roots where he presently works out of Dietrich Studio and Gallery located in downtown Darien, Wisconsin.

The artist sees with not only his eyes and mind but with his heart. There is so much happiness that comes from nature. A colorful sunset with its golden rays illuminating the sky with subtle shades of pinks and violet blues is a gift to us. We have to do nothing other than open our eyes and observe its beauty. It doesn't have practical usefulness other than providing joy and peace in our soul. So while existing somewhere between wake and sleep, dream like a child, shine your light and dance.

Dietrich was the host of Notes from the Studio, a weekly radio broadcast on community radio. The show aired July 9, 2017 until February 18, 2018. Dietrich also teaches art classes out of the Darien Studio.