David John Dietrich's figures are beautifully painted Stop in to see the artwork in the gallery and visit Dietrich's studio.
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Biography of artist David John Dietrich

David John Dietrich, born in Elmhurst, Illinois is a classically trained painter who studied at the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art and for many years in the studio of Adrian Gottlieb. Specializing in oil painting, Dietrich works out of his private studio in southeastern Wisconsin and paints outdoors capturing the local Wisconsin landscape and indoors painting still lifes and figures. Dietrich was host of the weekly radio show "Notes from the Studio" which aired on WHIW 101.3 FM Harvard Broadcasting from 2017 -2021. Dietrich was also the director of the popular art fair, Art in the Park, Lake Geneva from 2019-2021. Dietrich now spends his time painting, reading, riding his bicycle and discovering new places to relax and enjoy a good cup of coffee.

Artist's Statement: "The idea for the artist is to communicate clearly, but my chief function is to love and respect others and and have a passion for life."

Contact: info@davidjdietrich.com

Yi-Mei Fan, Adrian Gottlieb and David John Dietrich at Gottlieb's studio in Los Angeles, California.
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